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As a lot of other open source projects TfsEventWorkflows has gone to another home.
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TFSEventWorkflows allow you to define workflows based on Microsoft’s Workflow foundation which then will be executed on specific events triggered by your Team Foundation Server. This is very helpful to implement scenarios like:
  • Aggregate status and / or efforts over your work item hierarchy
  • Trigger deployment when you change the Build Quality of a build
  • Implement advanced notification scenarios which cannot be achieved by TFS Alerts
  • Change status of a work item based on different rules (e.g. set to “In Progress” if the Assigned To field is filled)
  • Fill work item fields based on calculations or other complex operations you cannot build with work item rules.
  • Trigger synchronization with external systems if a work item has been changed
  • automatically store a backup of your build definition in the version control (sample workflow included)
  • add alerts to changes in test plans
  • and much more
TFSEventWorkflows are a very powerful and flexible tool to create the above mentioned scenarios and much more. Because we use Workflow Foundation, it’s easy to define and change what to happen when a TFS Event rises even without writing code in most scenarios. The project comes with a library of activities which will cover the most common scenarios. You can also use other available activities like from TFS Build or from the TFS Build Extensions available from CodePlex.

Quick start

  1. Download the Deployment ZIP file from the Downloads area
  2. Install the tool on your TFS app tiers
  3. Copy the DumpWorkitem.xaml file from the workflows folder of the ZIP-file to a location on your TFS App Tier
  4. Go to <ProgramFiles>\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 12.0\Application Tier\Web Services\bin\Plugins and edit the artiso.TFSEventWorkflows.TFSEventWorkflowsServerPlugin.dll.config file
  5. In the tfsEventConfig section uncomment the <add … /> tag and set the workflowFileName to the path you have copied the xaml file in step 3.)
  6. Check the <file … /> tag in the log4net section so log files point to a valid directory
  7. Save the config file.
  8. Now change any workitem
  9. Check out the log file first if you have any problems

Create your own workflow

Creating your own workflow is simple and fast if you have Visual Studio installed. You find a step by step guidance how to do this in the documentation section (How to start with your own basic workflow).

Within your workflows you cannot only use the activities provided by this project but also available activiteies from the TFS build or from the Community TFS Build Extensions provides a large number of activities for sending mails, working with version control and much more.

You can even create your own activities. Just download the source code and add new activities to the TFSActivitiesLib. We would be happy if you would provide your activities to this project to make them available for others. Just contact Thomas Schissler or Thomas Trotzki

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