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Support for TFS 2017

Dec 4, 2016 at 6:42 PM
For TFS 2017 Microsoft has compiled the TFS Assemblies against .NET 4.6.1
This results in a change in the *.csproj files that can't be handled using the current .targets approach. The adjustments to compile for TFS 2017 using VS 2017 RC are checked in, but no binaries for a direct download a currently provided.

We have to decide to skip TFS 2012/2013/2015 Support or to find a new approach allowing us to handle a Change in the target Framework.
Jan 23 at 6:23 AM
Hello Thomas,
It is nice to know you are working to deliver the latest version.
Will this new event workflow be available for download?
Feb 16 at 5:10 PM
Currently you have to checkout the code an compile it.
May 3 at 4:16 AM
Hello Thomas,
I could not compile it with VS 2017. Do i need to compile using VS2015?
Jun 1 at 5:52 PM
Today I've recompiled the source using
VS 2017.2 (15.2.26340.12)
on a TFS 2017.1 (15.112.26301.0 or 15.112.26307.0)

There were two smaller adjustments needed:

starting with TFS 2017.1 class "VssClientCredentials" was moved from assembly "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Client.Interactive" to assembly "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Client.Interactive"
-> a reference adjustment

property IVssServiceHost.ApplicationServiceHost was splitt up to two new properties
-> use IVssServiceHost.OrganizationServiceHost instead